Everyone deserves to have a life free from addiction. That starts with a safe, comfortable place to detox from drugs and alcohol, and continues with after-care.

Live the Life You Deserve

As the Coachella Valley's only independent detox facility, we focus on providing the highest level of professional detox and addiction treatment for anyone seeking a private solution.


Our counselors work with each Private Solution Detox client in developing an appropriate after-care plan that meets their needs and will help them achieve their goals.

Our detox treatment is designed to ensure that the decisions you make about your next steps in your recovery journey are created with clarity. 

Those seeking to continue their treatment may opt for an extended residential treatment stay at our facility, for example, working with the same team they have come to know through the detox process.

Others may go directly to other residential treatment programs; some opt for intensive outpatient treatment programs, and/or move into sober living situations.

No matter the next step, our team works with clients to ensure that the journey of recovery continues after detox.

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