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    Alcohol Detox Timeline – What to Expect

    Alcohol is legal, highly prevalent, and widely promoted in American culture. Despite its accessibility, however, it is not an innocuous beverage. Alcohol is dangerous – and especially if you attempt to stop drinking after misusing it for a period of time. Detoxing in a professional medical facility is the best way to ensure your safety and success when quitting alcohol. If you’re ready to make the change, here’s what you can expect from the alcohol detox timeline.

    8 Hours After the First Drink

    Many serious drinkers have experienced this phase before. As the body begins to react to the absence of alcohol, mild withdrawal symptoms begin. Those may include anxiety, insomnia, nausea, loss of appetite, mood swings, depression, tremors, fatigue, and mild heart palpitations. These early symptoms are more uncomfortable than dangerous. They are often the reason why heavy drinkers reach for their next drink—even if first thing in the morning.

    24-72 Hours After the First Drink

    After one day without alcohol, heavy users enter the danger zone. Deprived of alcohol, the body goes into overdrive to cope. Withdrawal symptoms at this stage include increased blood pressure, respiration changes, irregular heart rate, confusion, sweating, and mood changes. In a medically managed detox, medications may be prescribed to counter these effects.

    2-4 Days After the First Drink

    In this period, severe symptoms still continue. Untreated, heavy users may experience coma, heart attack, or even death. Hallucinations, seizures, and confusion may occur. Professional treatment at this stage is invaluable.

    5-7 Days After the First Drink

    Roughly one week after the last drink, physical symptoms of withdrawal begin to abate, and patients can begin the real work of lasting recovery.

    Although the specifics of this timeline will vary depending on an individual’s usage, one fact remains the same: detox is worth it.

    Everyone struggling with substance abuse deserves a life free of addiction. At Private Solution Detox, you will be cared for in a safe, medically-assisted and comfortable environment as you take that critical first step on your path to recovery. 

    The journey begins the moment you decide to get better. Make the decision to end the devastating cycle of addiction today.

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